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Shelby Health Equity, an organization focused on promoting health equity, needed a new website to establish their online presence. They required a platform to showcase their mission, highlight events, enable user connections, and facilitate donations. Resonance Strategies managed the project to ensure alignment with the client’s goals.


I designed and developed a new website for Shelby Health Equity that effectively communicated their mission, provided information on events, allowed users to connect with the organization, and facilitated donations. The design was focused on being visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative.


  • Design Software: Figma
  • Development Tools: HTML, CSS, WIX
  • Project Management: Click Up


  • Project Manager: Resonance Strategies
  • UX/UI Designer & Developer: Briana White

My Role

As the UX/UI Designer and Developer, I was responsible for the complete design and development of the website. This involved conducting user research, creating wireframes and high-fidelity mockups, and implementing the design.


  • Research & Planning: 2 weeks
  • Wireframing & Prototyping: 2 weeks
  • Design & Development: 4 weeks
  • Testing & Launch: 2 weeks


  • Established Online Presence: Successfully created the first online presence for Shelby Health Equity.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Clear information architecture improved user navigation and engagement.
  • Facilitated Donations: Easy-to-use donation feature increased the number of contributions.
  • Positive User Feedback: Users reported a user-friendly and informative browsing experience.

Final Thoughts

Creating Shelby Health Equity’s first website was a significant milestone for the organization. By focusing on user-centered design and modern aesthetics, I developed a site that effectively supports their mission, showcases events, and facilitates user engagement and donations. The collaboration with Resonance Strategies ensured a smooth project management process, leading to a final product that exceeded client expectations. This project laid a strong foundation for their digital presence and future growth.

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