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During my time in PR, I learned the art of building relationships and managing communications to promote a positive reputation and brand image. In UX design, I focused on designing products and experiences that meet user needs and expectations. Both fields share a common focus of understanding and satisfying the needs of users and stakeholders, whether they are customers, employees, or the general public. They require research, analysis, creativity, and strategic thinking to achieve their goals.

I now realize that my degree in PR was the perfect foundation for my career in UX/UI design. By combining the two disciplines, I’ve realized that I bring a unique perspective to creating a cohesive and positive brand experience for users and stakeholders.

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Public Relations & Marketing

I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Public Relations and an outside concentration in Digital Design. I started working in the PR industry but always had a love for understanding people and designing.


Web Design & Print Design

I began freelancing as a digital designer in my spare time. Using several resources to increase my skills and taking every project that came my way for more experience. As I got deeper into the design world, I discovered UX/UI Design and immediately I was intrigued.


UX/UI Design & Product Design

I started immersing myself in online resources focused on UX/UI, sought out mentors, and completed UX Design courses. I landed an internship for a startup company creating a no-code API integration builder and then an apprenticeship doing UX/UI web design that turned to contracted position. 

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My Projects

Browse through my UX Design Portfolio to witness the transformative power of user-centered design. If you’re eager to learn more about my work or discuss potential collaborations, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

My UX Experience

Diving into the world of UX design, come take a peek at my timeline and join the adventure!


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